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As the winter weather comes around again out come the sledges, and while many of us already have a sledge sitting in the shed or the loft waiting for the delights that snow brings, many of us are looking to buy them at short notice at this time of year.

Sledges come in many different shapes and forms, and what you require, and how often you intend to use your sledge, is influential when it comes to deciding upon the type you wish to buy. Price pays a part too, for more expensive sledges may seem like a needless expense for the little use the item may get � but more of that later.

As sledges are primarily leisure items they are often a last minute buy � the slightest smattering of snow and everyone wants to have a sledge on which to race down the local hills! Children love sledging for the high speed thrills it gives, and adults are no strangers to indulging in a little downhill racing themselves.

Popular Sledges

The most popular types of sledges sold these days are plastic tray type items, one piece moulded sledges that come in a variety of colours and are cheap to buy, light in weight and very durable; they also provide a quick ride, and are not for the faint of heart!

Using Sledges safely

Sledging may be fun but it also pays to bear in mind the safety aspects of travelling at high speed down an icy slope on a small piece of plastic or wood; impacts can be at high speeds and children should be supervised at all times, while it is important to make sure that no obstacles or people stand in your way.

Great family fun

Sledges are great fun and a fantastic way for a family to spend some time together, especially as most workplaces and schools are closed when it snows. This make it even better for families to enjoy themselves in the winter months. Buy your sledges now before it's too late and stocks have run out everywhere.